Focus of activities


- Sound compositions

- Field recording

- Radio cultural work

- Radio plays

- Exhibitions




- Facilitation of acoustic values and listening awareness

- Exploring the soundscape through technological devices

- Media education through art and experiments

- Empowerment in social dynamics and personal development




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Mein Handy - Edward-Flanagen-Schule Babenhausen

2017 - 2018


Im Einklang mit den Flüssen Ilz, Donau, Inn - Die Drei Flüsse Installation

(In harmony with Ilz, Danube, Inn - The three rivers installation, 2017)

Students of three schools (age: 9 - 15 years) were encouraged to explore their acoustic environment of their hometown with portable recording devices. They recorded sounds above and under the rivers. The sounds were composed into experimental short pieces which were afterwards mixed into a sound sculpture where the sounds of the three rivers of the south German city Passau interacted in one space. This installation was exhibited for public to facilitate context, site, and the environment. The visitors could discover the fascinating sounds of their home.


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