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Focus of activities


- Sound compositions

- Field recording

- Radio cultural work

- Radio plays

- Exhibitions




- Facilitation of acoustic values and listening awareness

- Exploring the soundscape through technological devices

- Media education through art and experiments

- Empowerment in social dynamics and personal development


Selection of projects 

Political Education on the Archive of Refuge (read more here)

OERs development in collaboration with mediale pfade eV., Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Goethe Institut. 

Curriculum Development for defyhatenow! 

in collaboration with r0g_agency for open culture & critical transformation

Audio project for schools 

in collaboration with Youpedia (listen to the samples here)

Art director for the school radio Radio! Läuft bei uns

in collaboration with Netzwerbahnhof Langstadt eV. 

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