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The Hörweg (engl. listening path) is a collaborative Augmented Reality project between the DKMI research center of the Darmstadt UAS and Odenwaldklub e.V. Read more here.

Opened for public in 2019 and reopened after the listening path´s extension in 2021. 


The Continuous Noise 

4-Channel Installation 








The Continuous Noise represents the acoustic status quo we are living in. We have been witness of the crash of the second plane into the World Trage Center in New York on September 11, 2001. Witness onsite or via Television. The attacks changed the whole world and its chain of causality by the social and political actions is perceptible till now. The sound of the crash into the tower had a duration of few seconds. This 4-channel installation stretches this crash over several hours. The Continuous Noise is an almost inaudible piece that offers a moment of contemplation through participatory listening. The listeners will be released only when they decide to listen up and quit. 

Exhibited at: 

- Schönheit, Wahrheit, Paradies. Digitale Kommentare zur Sehnsucht, Museum Schloss Fechenbach, Dieburg, 2018 

- The Global Composition 2018: Conference on Sound, Ecology, and Media Culture, Darmstadt UAS, Dieburg 2018 

- Netzwerk Bahnhof Langstadt e.V., train station building Langstadt 2019

Im Einklang mit IlzDonauInn. Die 3-Flüsse-Installation 

Sound installation 



















Students of three schools (age: 9 - 15 years) were encouraged to explore their acoustic environment of their hometown with portable recording devices. They recorded sounds above and under the rivers. The sounds were composed into experimental short pieces which were afterwards mixed into a sound sculpture where the sounds of the three rivers of the south German city Passau interacted in one space. 


Artistic Concept: Aleksandar Vejnovic

Project management: Elisabeth Ernst 


Support: Kultur & Schulservice Passau Stadt & Land, Regionalmanagement am Wirtschaftsforum der Region Passau e.V. 


Exhibited at the Kulturmodell Bräugasse, Passau 2018

































  • ZKM Next Generation (6.0, 7.0)

  • ZKM inSonic2017  

  • Hessischer Rundfunk Frankfurt a.M. 

  • 9th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu











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