Production manager / field recording and composition


The Hörweg (engl. listening path) is a collaborative Augmented Reality project between the DKMI research center of the Darmstadt UAS and Odenwaldklub e.V.

Eight listening stations where implemented along a three kilometer way in the forest of Dieburg, Germany. The audience (hikers, walkers, etc.) can experience various acoustic identities of the selected places by scanning QR codes with their smartphones.

The project´s goal is to strengthen the importance of environmental and nature protection and to facilitate the acoustic value of our environment and nature through the listening path, to become acquainted and thus to sensitize people in order to actively protect their habitat.

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Soundscape and Environmental Media Lab


Since 2011, the SEM-lab researches in theory and practice this perspective`s consequences for composition, media design, everyday life aesthetic and cultures of visual and auditory perception. Debates about new digital technologies are as important as investigating terms like ecology value systems and cultural concepts. These discussions result in compositions, installations, radiogenic productions, performances and movies plus scholarly and scientific research on sound design, cultures of perception and media production aesthetics.


Field of Activities:

– sound and space (installations, spatial simulations, multichannel compositions as well as 3D-Audio & acoustic holography)

– compositions for 360° movies/ Fulldome Cinema

– soundscape compositions and performances

– radiogenic artforms (earplay, documentary, Ars Acoustica, Experimental Radio)

– auditory space and the public (performances, happenings, soundscape design, auditory cultural work)

– scholarly and scientific disourses on auditory cultures, immersion, Environmental Media, as well as sound and ecology

Fraunhofer Institut IDMT


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